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Thomas Creighton, is a  Professional Development Training Specialist with years of experience working in Education, Communications and Business sectors. He aims to combine his experience in all of these industries to ensure that the Training he delivers is Effective and Engaging for all concerned.



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Thomas Creighton Training (TCT) has provided training support to teachers - who have begun using new technologies in their classrooms. By increasing teacher's confidence and abilities when using these technologies, educators have unleashed the creative potential, and have found the enormous potential of these new tools within the classroom.

For Business partners, TCT provides Management Training, Team Leader training and Professional Development Training. Prior to training, TCT works with our partners to identify training needs that will make a difference to the client. Once we have identified learning objectives, training is shaped to ensure that it is effective and can reach the objectives that client expects. 

Thomas is an Apple Professional Development Consultant - recognised by Apple for his experience in delivering quality training to Education establishments, and has presented on the prestigious Apple Learning Tour (Apple's leading education event in Europe) for two years. He is also a Microsoft Partner in Learning Trainer and works across a spectrum of devices and institutions providing a combination of technical and soft skills professional development training for educators and those involved in the education sector. He helps teacher's to assess their Learning activities to blend them with technologies, in a way that keeps the focus of the lesson on subjects and not the technology itself. 

He delivers 21st Century Learning Skills workshops to help leaders and teachers shape their classrooms and activities to deliver key areas identifed by UNESCO in their vision for 21st Century Classrooms.

His website was voted one of the best education websites in Ireland in 2013.

The full range of Apple Workshops catalogue can be viewed here.

When reviewing the catalogue, please be assured that Thomas works to customise your training to suit your needs and abilities. Speak with Thomas to see how he can assist you to develop a road map for the successful rollout of devices in your establishment. 

For courses outside the Education sector: Check out the list of courses available in the Tab above.