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Assertiveness Training 

This Assertiveness Training Courses is for anyone who wants to build confidence and improve their own ability to deal with others. 

Learn positive communication techniques. How to present a confident and positive image. This Assertiveness Training Course will help you improve your communications resulting in better relationships. As a result you will feel better, be more confident and relaxed when dealing with others. Learn the secrets of assertiveness and conflict resolution. You will also learn how to deal with criticism and use feedback positively, helping you to build stronger work relationships.

What is covered in this Assertiveness Training Course?

  • Assertiveness - The difference between being assertive and aggressive.
  • Principles - The basic rules of communication.
  • Barriers - Common barriers to effective communication.
  • Clarity - How to get your message across clearly; what tone and language to use.
  • Conversation - Learn to make conversation flow easily.
  • Questioning - How to ask questions to get the right answers.
  • Building - Build work relationships with your new skills.
  • Confidence and self esteem - How to overcome nerves and shyness.
  • Feedback - How and when to use it.
  • Dealing with difficult situations.
  • Dealing with criticism.