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Customer Service and turning Complaints into Opportunities


This customer service course benefits any company or person who is in a front-line position with direct customer contact.

First impressions count and this could never be truer than when that first impression is being made by a customer! A customer's impression of any company (no matter big or small) is based on how you handle their initial moment of contact.

This customer service training course will show you the essential skills for making a great first impression and keeping those customers coming back. You will learn how to gain a greater understanding of your customer's needs and expectations, the confidence to deal with any given situation in a professional and personal way and a knowledge of how to deliver superior customer service to ensure your customers remain your customers!

What is covered in this Customer Service Course?

  • The benefits of creating and presenting a professional image.
  • The essential communication skills; listening, questioning, verifying and explaining.
  • Meeting you customer's needs.
  • Developing confidence and basic assertiveness.
  • Creating adaptable customer care skills.
  • Handling difficult customer situations in a positive manner.
  • Turning complaints into opportunities.