Thomas Creighton Training

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Personal Development Training - Achieving your goals.

This Personal Development Training Courses is for anyone who wants to build confidence and assertiveness to maximise their potential and develop effective communication skills.

This course will help you to acquire the confidence within to inspire self assurance and the motivation to succeed in all areas of your life. Identify your goals, and go and get them! If you are aware of your full potential, you can use your skills to achieve successful communications in all dealings with other people.

What is covered in this Personal Development Training?

  • Individual needs and motivations.
  • Assertiveness - how it can be developed and used in a positive way.
  • Dealing with conflict, anger and criticism in a cool manner, while projecting an image of self confidence and professionalism.
  • Take charge of situations and command attention without being forceful or intimidating.
  • Say 'no' when necessary, and negotiate a solution.
  • Two-way communication, how listening skills and body language can affect a situation.
  • Positive thinking and creating an overall mental picture can help diffuse stressful situations.